Friday, October 30, 2009

Heres my Lone Wolf model i recently finished points wise he is pretty costly but when he can take on a typhus and a unit of plague marines by himself and tie them up for a 3 turns thats pretty cost effective i think the only problem was trying to make sure he got over there to engage them originally i wanted him to go after the defiler and the great unclean one but they got taken out pretty early perhaps ill try my hand at writing up a battle report.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Wolves Battleforce

With the new release this past week of the Space wolves Battleforce I've been thinking about drop pods quite a bit, because they included a drop pod instead of a rhino this time. I currently don't own a drop pod mainly because I just don't like them. Maybe if you could assault out of a drop pod then i would use one, but that would be too way over powered. I just like the mobility of a rhino way too much to give them up for something that holds the same troops and then scatters and is immobile once its finished its task. Now i could be wrong because i do see tons of drop pod lists out there even my buddy has picked up 3 pods to use for his imperial fist army so maybe i am just out of touch on this subject. The only unit i could see myself putting in a drop pod would be a dreadnought having them drop in on the enemy brings back death from above moments from battletech lol. Having a Dread suddenly appear and opening up on the enemy is a great advantage especially those ones armed with a multi melta where you need to get up and close to destroy the enemies armor, as they usually become targets as soon as they walk on the table. So one day maybe ill pick up a drop pod just for that purpose alone but til then ill keep my packs running around in rhinos.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Logan is ready to lead

Heres my Logan Grimnar the great wolf

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wolves in progress

I started to paint my Wolves army and i thought i would start with some old pewter grey hunters and blood claws for my army this time around i will be using them all as grey hunters and my blood claws will be plastics.

I will mix in some hunters armed with bolt pistol and others with boltgun to give the unit a less static look, also i am using the old wolf guard standard bearer as a grey hunter standard bearer.

These arent quite finished as i want to paint the right shoulder red instead of the yellow and then do some transfers and finish up the bases when i have the unit complete.