Monday, April 26, 2010


Wow two posts in one day ive recently started work on Bjorn as i am tired of him staring at me so i primed him up last night and hopefully today or tomorrow ill get the base coat on him. I still cant believe they didnt give him back his wolf claw but ill take the 5+ invul as compensation lol guess we cant have everything lol

Blood Angel Army

Hey guys thought i would show off the Blood Angel army i was working on for my son but in the end we sold it, as he decided he liked playing with bugs instead lol. It seemed like alot of wasted effort but in the end it has gone to a good home and will get plenty of use. I did enjoy painting the old models as it brought back alot of fun memories from when i first got into the hobby so in all it was a good project as the sale got the wife her mothers day present and my son started on the tyranid army anyways heres a pic hope you guys like it.