Monday, April 30, 2012

Long Fang project

Hey everybody just thought i would do a quick update about my Long Fang project I will be using the old oop long fang models but i will be using the newer devastator weapons instead of the original ones they came with.  So far they have just been primed but i decided to go out and buy the the army painter colored primer so i used  the wolf grey color to see how that will work and so far i really like it.  Anyways ill keep you all updated as they progess along.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Im back

Hey guys had to take a break from the hobby for a number of reasons and since things are better now i once again have the time to start blogging again and getting back to doing some painting ive really been neglecting my dwarfs and space wolves well that time is over i also am starting to do commissions again and i have some tallarn projects lined up for the next couple months which should be interesting anyways you will see me being more active on here posting how the tallarns are going so as to show off the progress so once again sorry for disappearing but im back.