Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here another shot of the Black Templar army so far i think they are coming along nicely so we have two squads of iniates and neophytes, a terminator squad and a venerable dreadnough.  Im working on a squad of converted sword brethern should have pics and a movie on youtube for them tomorrow hopefully, that will leave the captain, a chaplain, the emperors champion, a rhino and a razor back to complete for the army.  It doesnt seem like a lot but thats almost 2000pts.  After that is finished gonna decide if we want to add a 5 man assault squad to give them a fast choice.  Projects are starting to line up here we have this army to finish then a blood angel army and looks like a grey knight or dark angel army after that plus there is a high elf army kicking around the studio as well that needs to be finished.  It will be a busy few months it looks like!

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